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Hello, I know you have been inundated with these messages. Emails and new clips about social distancing , hand washing, staying off beaches, staying out of malls.

I want to just say a few things about topics that were not really properly covered by the media.

Food – take out restaurant food. There are 2 classes of food to be aware of. There is the cook and then manipulate type and then you have the manipulate and then cook type food.

You want to focus on the “Manipulate and then cook type” food. I use the word manipulate – lets face it these cooks are not doctors, only regular people doing their jobs. Some may be infected and not know it and we are placing our trust on people we can’t see or watch. These people are hidden out of sight and unsupervised.

Sure they may be wearing gloves – the same gloves they used all week, the same gloves they sneezed in and smoked with and went outside to take out the trash with and went to the bath room with. Yes I am trying to make my point and pointing out the extreme of it. You don’t want cooks that wore gloves to protect themselves but who wore them to protect the customers.

But if they or their hands are the last thing to touch your food – you want to order food that comes out of an oven and not manipulated by the cook after cooking and germs killed.

Don’t order sandwiches, burgers and subs for delivery – they are going to get touched. Order food like pizza (uncut), baked pasta (individual servings) assembled in those aluminum take out containers that are placed in the pizza ovens and once cooked covered and delivered. You know the Greek lasagna, the baked rigatoni type dishes. Not those huge Italian platters that feed 20 people.

Deep fried foods, going from the fryer to the container are safe. Soups that are boiled – from pot to container are safer. You get the picture – the hands need not be involved after the cooking process. So fried and baked – some boiled, all straight to a container is safest.

Eat Safe.


My second point – Ordering House Hold Items Online. 

We sell office supplies online. This is what we have been doing for over 20 years, so we see all types of orders. We have our own sites, we are on many marketplaces. People’s online behavior recently is confusing and scary.

I do not think most people realize that almost every retailer is online now and can ship products to your door. I will use toilet paper and paper towels as my example. You should get those items directly from the local stores or order from the local stores that can have those items delivered to you( at low delivery costs). The same thing for cases of bottled water, juices and soft drinks. Those stores are getting those goods shipped to them directly from the manufacturers and sell those products at cost or very close to it – to have to walk in to their stores. They have the best prices and ship for a very small fee locally with their own delivery services – PLEASE ORDER FROM THEM.

When you order those products from people like me, who sources those products from our distributors and then ships using couriers, it rapidly becomes ridiculous. Distributors and myself are 2 extra middle men, couriers are the most expensive delivery option.

A case of bottled water being sold at Costco or Walmart can sell from $3 to $4 dollars. That same case of bottled water being sold online from a guy like me, can cost you north of $50 bucks when its all said and done. Its crazy. Are we gouging you – NO!!! Are you over paying- Yes!!! – compared to the grocery store pricing, its should not be an option, but it seemingly is.

The price of shipping of 30 rolls of toilet paper or 12 rolls of paper towels can go anywhere from $40-$60 dollars by courier – if shipping from the West coast to the East coast. If ordering from a marketplace web site – tack on another 15% on all those prices.

Our costs on those items are also higher than the cost that grocery stores are selling it to you for. So please unless they are sold out locally , unless you are terrified from leaving your home and no one get products for you locally. Just use guys like us as a last resort. We can not compete as an industry against what your local grocers are charging you for house hold items. So go local before going on line.

Also please look at what you are being charged when getting online. Do not blindly order products and then blow a gasket when you are sent the shipping confirmation. All prices – item pricing and shipping pricing are indicated in many places more than once. Pay attention – these online market places are not Casinos – please don’t act like you are in one and make wild bets. Please be alert and know what you are doing – double check what you are ordering and what you are paying for.

Remember who paid for those beautiful Casinos in Las Vegas and who made the richest man in the world – the richest man in the world. Think , think – did you get it – do you know who?

Lets all fight this virus and stay safe and maximize all our purchases together.

Happy Holiday Shopping !

Seems like this year with the mild weather in the area has given a boost to the mall business and has slowed down the online shopping – results are still pending. It also seems Amazon is now sharing more online business with other online Market Places, such as Best Buy, Walmart and New Egg – again final results are pending but the trend is there.

No matter how you choose to shop this holiday season, have fun, spend wisely and be mindful of scammers.

Happy Holiday Season to all !

That name, what does it mean? Do you sell bags?

Hello everyone first of all please let me explain where the name Brown Bag Technologies Corp. comes from. It all happened sometime in 1997, while having a beer in one of my favorite watering holes located in the west end of the Island of Montreal, amusingly named the West Island. This name carries many cultural, political and ethnic stereo types in the city of Montreal. A city where the 2 biggest past times are the Montreal Canadians, provincial politics.

Now back to the point, sitting there having a beer and a crazy idea hits me and I spent the next few hours trying to convince my buddy that we could start a sideline project. Making a few bucks selling stuff that was of lower technical content and make more money or a higher profit margin than the other computer equipment that kept losing value on an hourly basis sitting in a warehouse. Already being in the business, I managed to convince him that selling computer mice, keyboards, speakers and all other similar peripherals was a better money maker than selling Intel processors, memory chips and hard drives.  The place where we enjoyed the coldest draft beer in town had brown napkins from recycled paper. I was looking for a name that would indicate a low end product line looking at these brown napkins and somehow thinking brown paper bag, brown bag lunch, low end lunch…Brown Bag Technologies Corp. ( was born, over the years the name has given us our share of challenges. Bag manufacturers seemed to like our name, we have had to explain to many customers the story behind the name, some got it and some just didn’t. So sometimes we go as Brown Bag Technologies, or Les Technologies Brown Bag and the more favourable BBT Corp.